About the Artist

I hate about the artist pages written in the third person so I'm not going to do that in this text. I was raised in a small house surrounded by trees and woodland animals who I regarded as my friends. My education was a very unconventional one, but one that benefitted me later in life. I was homeschooled for my entire education till i got my Ged at 16. The reason I decided to end my education early was due to my disrespect for forced learning. The way my mind worked never felt challenged by any schoolwork for a goal that was worth my time. I focused all my time on music production for endless hours bleeding into weeks. For 10 years i produced music and eventually in 2017 released my first ep with Psyworld Records. During that time I had a serendipitous connection which led me to Spokane, Washington. During that time I gained very deep friendships that helped me grow as a person and an artist. In 2019 I met the most beautiful, warm, and loving person I had ever met. We went on many adventures together that created a bond I've never felt with anyone. We are presently (2023) blissfully engaged. One day in 2020 my fiancee Jamie encouraged me to do painting for fun. Everything clicked for me. It felt more natural to me than the music I had made for 10 years. It fired a passion in my soul that is burning brighter every day! This year of 2023 has really been encouraging for me by making my dream of being a fulltime artist seem more attainable with each sale. I am so happy to bring meaning and joy to so many people's lives and homes.