"Weighing The Heart"

"Weighing The Heart"

In the Papyri of Ani(Egyptian book of the dead) we find a scene describing a ceremony where the heart of the deceased is weighed against the feather of Maat(which symbolizes truth, order, balance, law, ect).

Thoth stands at the side of Anubis to record the judgement made. A somber moment passes while the gods look on to see if these souls are worthy to pass futher in their journey to the Duat(Egyptian Afterlife). If they fail their hearts will be thrown to Ammit to be devoured.

In my painting I recreate this ritual in my own vision. With only Anubis and Thoth present to weigh the heart as the Ba bird flies around awaiting it's heart's judgement. This moment of silent anticipation is set in the unforgiving desert of limbo. To me this ritual is an interesting look at how we judge ourselves in ways that change which paths we will go down in life. Self judgment leads us to make statements about our own worthiness. Whether we feel we deserve to go after certain goals and paths is connected to the story we tell ourselves of who we are. The philosopher Slavoj Zizék talks about the idea of there being no true identity under the masks we put on as our roles in society, but instead our identity comes out from the masks we choose to wear. Full article here https://www.lacan.com/zizchemicalbeats.html .

This is connects to how we choose our life paths by self judgement. When we tell ourselves a story about our self worth we are choosing what masks we think we deserve to wear. Whether it be the mask of someone who wallows in self deprecation or the mask of a emotionless business shark who takes what he wants at any cost, we are telling ourselves what mask we deserve because of the story we tell ourselves of our past and present. So if we change the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves we can change the paths we fate ourselves to walk. 

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