"The Overthinker"

"The Overthinker"

On Wisdom, Ignorance, and Stupidity

"The Overthinker" by Ezekiel Y. D. Schmitt acrylic on canvas


Let me first start with defining the terms of this discussion of wisdom, stupidity, and ignorance. Let us begin with wisdom.

Wisdom is the use of appropriate knowledge in the appropriate action at the appropriate time in the appropriate place. It is goal oriented and is based in logic, therefore part of the language faculty of consciousness. 

Ignorance is a lack of information. It is a negative state of consciousness. It is the pre-state of awareness. It is the state where probability is in fluctuation before an object settles on the state seen by conscious observer. It is logarithmic in nature. Infinitely shrinking, but never disappearing. It is biggest when it consciousness is new and shrinks infinitely till the conscious agent disappears. Think of a shell growing thicker logarithmically. The void within the shell is ignorance. The shell itself is accumulation of information due to contact. Contact is necessary for transmission of information. This is a law of the universe. 
Stupidity is not a lack of information or knowledge. It is dependent on knowledge or information being held by an active agent. It is dependent on free will. Where there is no choice there can be no stupidity. It is a choice not to use the knowledge in the appropriate way, time, or place that the active agent has access to. Stupidity grows with the habit to disregard. It is the antithesis of wisdom. They cannot coexist at the same instance. Wisdom increases when the habit of stupidity is broken. Stupidity is a misuse of knowledge and therefore a danger for the conscious agent and those around it.
Action accuracy is the probability that an action will achieve its goal as intended by the active conscious agent. Now the terms are defined let us turn to how they apply to humans.
How do we know whether someone is stupid or wise, the best indication is their action accuracy. The action accuracy of a wise person increases with experience. It will be steadier with its increase when wisdom increases. A stupid person's action accuracy will stay the same or decrease. It will have no pattern. A stupid person sometimes will be correct, but without consistency. Wisdom and stupidity are not within the bounds of morality. A wise person may be evil beyond comprehension and a stupid man as innocent as a newborn. Due to this many evil people have used wisdom to manipulate the Free Will of others in their ignorance. Recall that wisdom is the use of knowledge to attain a goal. The goal may come under moral ideas but wisdom is neutral. 
So now that we know how to identify the wise and that it is not an indicator of ethics or morals what do we do now? Should we follow the wise? God forbid! If we follow the wisdom of others we may be led to do great destruction and harm to the innocent. Then what is to be done? We must gain wisdom by having experiences that decrease ignorance, increase action accuracy, and lead to new experiences that facilitate growth and unity with other conscious agents. We must not be lazy in our thinking. We must gain wisdom for ourselves and not rely on others to think for us. What will the effects be if we apply this? it will create a Utopia of humans gain wisdom with the goal of living in peace and harmony will not infringing on free will, or it will create a chaos of predation as each eagle maniacal wise person does whatever they can to achieve only their own goal.

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