The Magician and The Raven

"I have questions" he said softly To something he could not see. "FIRST of all I'd like to say I am not asking to know my destiny I am asking if it is possible to be given clear signs of how I should walk my path the way my soul yearns for?" "Thoth was silent like an awkward friend who doesn't know when Tlto leave. "I know you have no voice, but please I wish to know more than my senses can tell me!" he begged the silent visitor. A Face leans in from the shadow. "do you wish for the sign of Jonah?" He grumbled in a low tone. "NO!" Q pronounced emphatically. "Your ignorance is your bliss. would you trade bliss for foresight? I remember when Woðanaz asked for Foresight. He traded an Eye for his gift. what do you offer?" said the new fully visible shadow of light that stood before the Questioner. " What do you value?" Q said to the Shadow. The figure began to morph into a smokey orb while emitting a low hum, "your material possessions are no use to me. I require your energy." a voice boomed from the cloud as it illuminated through dazzling colors. "So, how do I offer you that? Kinda not something I can go buy at the store." Q rebutted sarcastically. " Use the power of your image building faculty in your mind. Picture me as any symbol you choose. then choose a glyph that represents Energy. from there merge the two symbols in your mind, this is how all higher consciousness beings interact. I only know of one way that you can grasp the concepts that lie beyond the senses and that is this. Beyond these outer shells of consciousness there is an infinite inner world that gives Rise to this projection of the all that you call matter." the cloud Rumbled, "within is an infinite merging of what manifest to you as symbols. these symbols transfer something akin to what you call "energy" when they make contact and merge. this "contact" manifests in the outer shell as movement, information, matter, and everything else. when you are fully within your mind You can manifest these symbols as anything you wish. what matters is the meaning of concept you in particular are trying to manipulate. this is Real magic, not what you've been doing with your outer shell." the sound stopped the cloud descended and took the appearance of a raven. "Do you get the idea now?" the magpie said exasperatedly. "yea." Q Paused. "I think?" Q said almost submissively out of how embarrassment he felt. "Go within your mind and change the symbols," said the raven in a soothing voice.

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