"Olympic Coddiwobble"

"Olympic Coddiwobble"

The topic of extraterrestrial life and uap's have been on the rise in the past few years. This interest into an ancient mystery has found a new mask by which to present itself. We no longer consider powerful beings to be the gods of our creation but now as older siblings in the cosmic family of life. It is interesting to see how for thousands of years unexplainable experiences have led to the creation of religions, cults, and new ways of thinking about our universe. Throughout time man has experienced the phenomena that has been unexplainable even till now. This phenomena expresses itself under many masks in many disguises, from ancient gods coming down on fiery chariots to fairies whisking away unfortunate souls who wandered too far. Encounters with the unknown have been with us since the dawn of consciousness because in order to learn we must confront the void of knowledge. But the encounters evolve based on the technology we use to understand our universe. In a previous time these beings were seen as demons, gods, angels, or other magical entities of consciousness. In our time the descriptions of the unknown come from a scientific standpoint. A standpoint of evolution and technology that shows us though the seeming effects from the phenomenon are unknown they are explainable and usable albeit not at the stage. This is all well and good but what does one do after an encounter? Do we dismiss our experience as a sensory illusion or a mistaken identity of objects? Or do we double down on our conviction that our experience was one of grounded reality although unexplainable. What does it do to a mind to encounter a paradox and to make it part of one's being? Can that person ever view mundane reality in the same way? These are questions I do not have answers to because I do not have that kind of intimate experience with a phenomenon. But I have ideas.

Wandjina rock art on the Barnett River, Mount Elizabeth Station


Let us first take the standpoint that these things are true and have been true since the first recorded experience of the unknown. If there are intelligences that lie outside the scope of our everyday reality then it would be a good assumption that ar everyday reality is influenced by these powerful intelligences. Their reasons for being here I cannot say with any form of confidence. But I can talk to their effects. The effect of the mystical and unknown on the shape of History is very tangible when one looks at mythology and religion. The effect of the phenomena seems to be one of a shift of human awareness in our place in the universe. From abduction stories to stories of prophets enountering gods there seems to be a theme that the experiencer comes out with a feeling of microscopic insignificance compared to the immense power of the phenomenon. But also we can see that these effects of smallness also create a sense of unity. In religion the idea of people gathering together to add their energies to the ceremony seems to be prevalent. There are religions that have more isolation and singular experiences, but even these foster a sense of unity with the universe. Another theme I have noticed from mystical / alien encounters is a sense that we are not taking care of the planet as we should and that we have squandered the resources we have.

A Neo-Assyrian sun disk traditionally viewed to symbolize Ashur

From these effect themes we might surmise what the intent is. Our themes are a sense of smallness, a sense of unity with something greater, and a sense of stewardship over the Earth. In Babylonian and Sumerian creation myths the gods created humans for the purpose of service. And that seems to fit our three themes. So are we but small genetically modified organisms created for the purpose of serving stronger entities? Or is there another purpose? Are they a civilization that has gone down the path that we have and want to guide humans down the path of unity so that way we might become self-actualized? The truth will be a somber moment for humanity when we realize either way what are the implications from this phenomenon that we experience. But for now all we can do is what humans do best. Experience. Everything else is irrelevant. 

In my painting I convey the sense that while we are experiencing a beautiful world there is something in the periphery of our vision that is beyond our present understanding. As IAME dips their fingers into the waves of the lake a UAP gently glides in between the mountains. The UAP is aware of IAME but they are not aware of the UAP and are so blissfully focus on the reality in front of them. When we focus too hard on what we consider to be reality we miss the novelty that lies just beyond our visible range. But if we are always focused with our eyes on the horizon we will fail to appreciate the waves of Life splashing in front of us. There must be a balance struck on the fine pin of attention. In order to achieve that balance we must deliberately spend time diving into the irrational and the rational to experience the fullness that life offers its conscious experiencers. Never saying "oh this is what reality is!"  or "oh I know what this is!" because all we know is an approximation based on our senses and tools. We can never truly know we can only believe and work with those beliefs till better ones come along. 

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