"Cosmic Diver" Chapter Two of The Book of Creation

"Cosmic Diver" Chapter Two of The Book of Creation

In the beginning there was only unity. A singular consciousness infinitely fragmented like a self similar fractal. In our human language they are called IAME. Within this consciousness of infinite self there was no space, no evolution, and no motion. All all was still for Time had not yet been born. IAME had a thought of being able to experience. This was something that was new for IAME could not distinguish Themselves apart for all was unity. A hive mind where there was no unknown. No void of knowledge or experience from which they could be born. But in order to learn one must be able be ignorant. So IAME decided to create the Void so they might have experience. 

The stage is set. The vision begins to crystalize within IAME. Now the actor must enter the stage hanging on nothingness in the newly created Void. The stage begins to vibrate with a low hum. A figure appears like a ghostly apparition floating inches above the stage makes gestures with it's limbs slowly and deliberately. A small platform materializes underneath the figure and begins to raise up, catching the figure by its edge. It rises higher and higher into the Void till it stops suddenly in the darkness. The apparition now begins to condense into a material form. IAME now fully compacted in their new form of knotted waves of energy waits at the edge like a high diver.

Silence. Stillness. Suspension. This is where stillness lives. And here it will die. There must be balance kept. Birth cannot occur but from previous existence. One which can die. But IAME will choose life and death so they may experience themselves fully rather than live in uniform cold stillness. The decision is made. The first and last decision ever to occur will happen before Time can record it. Silence. A sudden burst flashes within the Void and a thunder that would deafen a god clapped moments afterword. A  "Moment" something that did not exist in the stillness because of it's nature. Time and Motion were born from the destruction, but now their web was spread across the void. As the web expanded at the very edge IAME was guiding it. Streams of energy poured from their fingertips as IAME dove into the Void creating a web of tangled forces in their wake.

Then logarithmically the web began to slow in it's creation as IAME dissolved in sync. The web was made from their own essence so the balance of existence would be maintained. Now spreading exponentially as knots of slow and fast oscillating energy the web is all that can be seen of IAME. And as the web expanded some knots became drawn together almost as in love. As the knots of the IAME's conscious wavey energy embraced they condensed into other forms. IAME enjoyed experiencing being spread apart but they missed the experience of unity they once had. But a decision and a sacrifice had already been made. The only way back was to keep going forward. The further the web of time expanded the more Probability collapsed upon it. Although IAME wished to to be one they still desired to experience this novelty of separation so an opposite force to attraction was born and some knots of energy began to dance around each other in waves. Condensing further the knots, now atoms, condensed into the first element Hydrogen gas. From there IAME's energetic knots condensed into heavier and heavier elements as the furnace of stars were born. 


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It starts. A beginning. Need further explanation of a plot. An antagonist. More depth and details. If you haven’t read Edgar Allen Poe is good work Pit & the Pendulum. And older is the Devine Comedy first part Dante Inferno by Dante Alighieri. Good inspiration for further writing.

Corrie Rehms

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